Challenged finding qualified candidates?

Our workforce development programs can fill the gap.

Build talent retention, skills, and experience

with the TEEM training and mentoring solution.

Prepare students

with a Department of Labor approved apprenticeship program.

Peer Recovery Specialist Pathways Program

Our partnership with Virginia Dept of Aging and Rehabilitation.

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Success Stories

CCI and CivilianCyber partnered to run a program combining high-quality education with critical thinking/soft skills and applied knowledge delivering immersive industry work experiences with mentoring relationships.

Chaminade University and the BIONIC Initiative partnered with CivilianCyber to participate in a R&D focused micro-internship project for college students to learn and provide solutions to identify and mitigate sources of mis and disinformation.

“The software CivilianCyber developed made the implementation of our hybrid internship program seamless for both affiliates and employers.”

Who We Are

CivilianCyber is a workforce technology company focused on addressing the needs of employers, educators, and candidates in an ever-changing workforce landscape. We are driven by the belief that people can deliver amazing results when given the right opportunity and support.

‘How Do I Do That?’ The New Hires of 2023 Are Unprepared for Work

The WSJ reports that today’s college graduates are not prepared to enter the workforce. Remote learning during the pandemic left students short of basic skills. Now companies are trying to teach them on the job.

The Wall Street Journal August 2, 2023

CivilianCyber discusses how mentoring programs can help bridge this gap in our blog ‘Mentoring Programs Can Help Prepare New Talent.’

Building Your Workforce through Mentoring

Our mentoring programs are designed to provide students, candidates and employees with experience and interaction that can assist them with career readiness, developing soft skills, and a familiarity with real world work settings.

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I was able to apply what I’ve been learning throughout my semesters at college and form connections with a lot of reputable people who showed me how far I’ve come and how far I can go with my career.



Cybersecurity Student

Former TEEM Mentee

The TEEM program had the mentee drive their own learning experience, which gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise without much prep work.  This resulted in a perfect environment that benefitted both parties.  I look forward to watching my mentee grow in the world and am grateful for the opportunity to pass on what I know.



Technical Lead for Cisco XDR Threat Intelligence

Former TEEM Mentor

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