Technology Enabled Engagement with Mentoring

CivilianCyber’s Technology Enabled Engagement with Mentoring™ (TEEM) program combines high-quality education with critical thinking/soft skills and applied knowledge; delivering immersive work experiences supported by mentoring provided by an industry professional.

TEEM is an ideal supplement to students’ classroom curriculum to help ready them to enter the workforce as well as adults and veterans interested in upskilling their talents to begin a new career path.

This program can be combined with our Workforce Innovation Network (WIN), to allow users to test their critical thinking skills by working to solve a real-world industry problem.

I was able to apply what I’ve been learning throughout my semesters at college and form connections with a lot of reputable people who showed me how far I’ve come and how far I can go with my career.



Cybersecurity Student

Former TEEM Mentee

The TEEM program had the mentee drive their own learning experience, which gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise without much prep work.  This resulted in a perfect environment that benefitted both parties.  I look forward to watching my mentee grow in the world and am grateful for the opportunity to pass on what I know.



Technical Lead for Cisco XDR Threat Intelligence

Former TEEM Mentor

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